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FreshPrep Foods

Management Company

FreshPrep Foods is a full food-service and management company based in Fort Worth, Texas. We offer on-site restaurants for small to large businesses looking to incorporate a well-rounded, scratch kitchen with locally sourced ingredients. We are proud to have established a relationship with the leading and most sustainable farmers in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, including “Profound Foods”, a collective of eighteen different farms within the region. 

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Corporate Dining.
Personal Experience. 

We are a company dedicated to the success of your employees through wholesome, quality foods. We offer intricately designed menus for our café service that will meet all of your nutritional (and taste) needs. Why does offering a corporate dining service benefit your company? The answer is simple. You can recruit the top talent, retain your best employees, increase participation, and connect with your company by bringing them together with one of the most powerful elements in the world... food. Together, we can elevate to a new level and create a work environment that you can't get enough of!

Meet The Founders 

Shannon -

I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the majority of my younger life, until I moved to Cleburne, Texas in 2012. My father’s side of the family is full Italian, and most of my mother’s side reside in Louisiana.  Being immersed in both cajun and Italian-American cuisine, I’ve been lucky enough to always be surrounded by good food & family.  Through time, this developed a passion for cooking, hospitality, and warm feelings to those around me! 

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Austin -

I grew up as a coach’s and teacher’s son in west Texas. (From Midland / Odessa to the San Angelo area). We moved a lot during my elementary & high school years, which taught me how to make friends under new circumstances. I have been raised around a very humble, honest, and hard working family. From my upbringing I have further developed my sense of work ethic, a strong moral code, and a level of hospitality for all employees, customers, and friends. Good things don’t come easy, and I am not afraid to go get them. 

5 star rating in customer satisfaction!

Fajita Stuffed Chicken